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Ex High Court Judge Joseph Mutava losses bid for Reinstatement


Ex High court judge Joseph Mbalu Mutava has lost his bid to be reinstated after the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that found him unfit to hold office.

The Supreme Court upheld the tribunal’s ruling on Tuesday in judgment delivered by Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu and Justices Mohamed Ibrahim, Jackton Ojwang’, Isaac Lenaola, and Njoki Ndung’u, who heard his appeal.

The former judge of the High Court was ousted in 2016 after it emerged that he influenced files for the Goldenberg case to be brought before him yet he was not the trial judge for the case.

Mutava had requested the Supreme Court to make a finding that the allegations against him did not amount to the need for his removal.

He had told the five-judge bench that the tribunal, which was chaired by Chief Justice David Maraga, had expressed open bias against him during the hearing of the case in 2016.

Justice Mutava was appointed to the bench on  23 August 2011.