Spectators at this Sunday’s (May 7th) National Motocross Championship can expect close racing between top riders at Jamuhuri Park racetrack.

Leader Uhrie Yongo will be  battling for top honors against Armani Amani  and Jayden Weru in what is anticipated to be a fiercely contested MX50 podium fight. Yongo currently tops the MX 50 log having earned 45 points on his KTM contraption.

Amani, who is also KTM mounted, is placed jointly first with Yongo on 45, 5- points ahead of fast paced rider Weru.

Others expected to spice up the occasion include Berry Noteea Maksim Berman, Ian Nduati, Emir Ramadhani and Leto Tohani.

MX 65 leader Kigen Mutuma  will renew his rivalry with Mathenge Kamundia  and Dylan Hatanga in another adrenaline-packed race.

Other riders in this class include Dylan Hatanga, Thuku Waweru, Ngengi Kamau, Jedd Kagondu and Storm A. Ogwapit.

MX 85 class is also sure to treat fans to some exhilarating displays of “Piki” artistry.

Wahome Mutahi currently tops the MX85 log on a flawless 60 points ahead of  Lewis Ogonyi on 51 and girl rider Atete Benzinge on 45-thrills and spills guaranteed in this class

The MX 125 podium will be a fight between leader Neo Wahome and Tanav Choda. Alvin Muthomi and Alexander Njoroge will also give Choda and Neo a run for their money.

At the season opening meeting, Neo was the first rider to cross the finish line ahead of Choda.

Another battle royale to look out for on Sunday is the MX1 class with Apollo Mbuki leading from Mikhail Berman by 9 points. 

On Sunday both these fast paced competitors will be riding on the limit to grab vital championship points.

And after a long layoff which was occasioned by the postponement of round 2, Sunday’s race meeting should offer fans some action packed riding.

 It will be the first race since the Easter weekend in which Team Kenya riders finished second to hosts Uganda at the FIM Central Africa Motocross Challenge (CAC) at the Kampala’s Busiika racetrack.



1   Uhrie Yongo 45

2 Armani Amani 45

3 Jayden Weru 40


1 Kigen Mutuma 57

2 Mathenge Kamundia 52

3 Dylan Hatanga 47


1 Wahome Mutahi 60

2 Lewis Ogonyi 51

3 Atete Benzinge 45


1 Neo Wahome 60

2 Tanav Choda 51

3 Alvin Muthomi 43


1 Apollo Mbuki 60

2 Mikhail Berman 51

3 Walter Kuria 45   

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