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  • Excitement over Kanye West Kenya show.
  • American rapper Ty Dollar $ign will be part of Kanye’s entourage, he has previously visited Kenya in 2017.
  • Both artists are jointly touring the world with Kenya being the only African country to host them.

Kenyans are an excited lot following the revelation that Kanye West is set to perform in Kenya on the 7th of December at the Nyayo National Stadium. Fellow rapper Ty Dollar $ign who toured Kenya in 2017 will also be part of Kanye’s entourage.

The information was shared on Kanye’s Instagram stories while having a conversation with Ty Dollar $ign.

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According to the two US stars, they’ll need $16M upfront for logistical purposes.

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Only African Nations

From their released itinerary, Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt are the only African nations set to host the two stars.

Egypt will see the two Hip hop giants performing on the 30th of August at the Cairo International stadium with Kenyan showpiece slated for 7th of December at the Nyayo National stadium.

Other nations set to host them include Spain, Japan, Australia and the United Arab Emirates among others.

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One significant aspect of the tour is the the use of mega arenas and stadiums putting in mind thousands of revelers projected to attend. This ensures that both security of the artists and fans is taken care of.

This is a major boost for Kenya considering it being not only an entertainment hub but also an economic hub.

Fans Reactions

With news of Kanye’s Kenyan tour spreading like wildfire, Kenyans are continuing to share their excitement.

Many have since termed it a must attend event come what may.

We sampled a few of the reactions below.

“Wacha tufinyefinye kompyuta kabla Disemba ifike”

“Nimeacha kusave for valentines wacha nisavie Kanye”

“Hii siku labda my dad anitrack na DCI”

“Lord keep me alive”


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