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EXCLUSIVE – Eastlands Gang Snatching Wigs From Women’s Heads


You all need to part with at least 20,000/- KES when purchasing a 100% human hair irregardless  of its originality.

For those not familiar with such, human hair extension range from Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian-all with different grades depending on the process they went through before ending up on hair parlors shelves.

Believe it or not, women spend lots of money for these hair extensions thanks to the unfortunate nature of our rough and course African hair texture.

Urban ladies yearn to have long, sleek or rather kinky hair that were previously only seen with the likes of top female celebrities.

Whilst the majority city girls cant afford this hair, the few lucky- either rich or sponsored- ones are now living in fear over rising theft with the costly commodity.

The most affected areas are parts of Nairobi’s popular Eastlands area such as Umoja, Donholm and Buruburu. Parts of South B have also been reported to have cases of Hair extensions theft.

This kind of theft-that is very popular in the western countries have now made it way through Nairobi’s towns and has not been addressed either.

“I live in Fedha Estate, which neigbors Tassia, Pipeline, Donholm and Mukuru. Our neigborhood has seemingly people from all social status…both very rich and very needy. In such a setting, anything can be expected in terms of security. The Estate i live in is well secured but once you drive off that gate, expect anything. narrated “Nyambu”- a seemingly well off lady.

“So this day, i was going to pick a relative from the airport and had a really bad hair. This doesnt worry me because i own a number of human hair wigs that are simply put on like you put a Kofia and there you. Just a little combing, spray sheen and there you go, Rihanna mwenyewe!

“So am driving and there is traffic around Tajmall mall roundabout when two neatly dressed men-who i had  assumed to be Makangas trying to save the traffic (like they always do)- approached at my window. Innocently i rolled off to take instructions of how they advised  me to drive to save the stubborn traffic situation,” she narrated.

“But on a second thought, it hit me this might be goons who want to steal my phone. Immediately i got hold of my S7 and threw it at the back seat…..kugeuka, Wig ilikuwa isha songa. I hurriedly got off and started shouting wezi, wameniibia Nywele!!” says.

“My friend I only ended up looking up like a mad woman and the only response i got was hooting and being shouted at to get my car off the road!””

Well, that is how she lost her Ksh.33,000- Remy human hair.

Her story ignited other clients at the salon  to narrate their experience.

“Its bad, hata Buru na Umoja , ladies are walking around in fear of being wig snatched.”

So ladies, next time you planning flaunt your new hair- that indeed cost you an arm and leg, just so you know that your phone is not the target.