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Exclusive:- Nyota Ndogo’s Alleged Brother Juma Tutu Exposes Her Badly, A Day Before Her Wedding (Pics)


nyots1One of Nyota Ndogo’s memorable tracks was “Watu na Viatu”……and there is a specific line that read ;

“…ooh kuna watu waliopenda maendeleo,ooh ukiwa nacho chawauma ndani kwa ndani …aachana nao,waepuke haraka sana.”

Well, seems Nyota Ndogo has turned to be the sang “Viatu Watu” if anything on Juma Tutu’s Facebook page is to go by.

Juma Tutu is said to be the coastal songstress brother and it is allegedly claimed that the two never see each other eye to eye.

So Nyota and Juma Tutu have a younger sister-Tatu Abdalla who is also the last born of the family. Like Nyota,Tatu has a voice to die for that Juma took her with him to nurture the talent at a musical school in Nairobi. After completion,Juma took Tatu as one of his band’s vocalist where her prowess was clear for all to see.

So according to Juma, Nyota Ndogo wasn’t happy with Tatu’s musical talent and advised her to stay at her  (Nyota Ndogo’s) home as the latter tries to get Tatu a mzungu as well.

Juma boldly allegedly says through his Facebook that Nyota Ndogo has turned Tatu into her own house girl,discouraged her shining musical star and seeking a mzungu husband for her as well.

Making matters worse,Juma further goes on to explain how his sister Nyota Ndogo allegedly sent two CID officers to beat him up ,arrest him and interrogate him. Juma then went missing after that but was later found assaulted badly.

With all the ongoing rumors,Nyota Ndogo still went ahead got married to her European lover-with whom Tutu calls “Granpa”.

Our efforts to reach her over the above allegation proved futile.

Do you think Nyota Ndogo would do this to his brother and sister days before her big day or this is just cheap malice to tint her up??

Keep it posted as we dig deep into this. Meanwhile,check out the screenshot below;