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EXCLUSIVE: Thieves Caught On Camera In Roysambu (VIDEO)


THIEFA two member gang of robbers were on Tuesday caught on camera breaking into a residential apartment in Roysambu and stealing from the house.

One of the two robbers is captured by a CCTV camera arriving in a white saloon after which his friend signals him and gives him something like a key and seemingly signals him on which house to break in.

His colleague then moves the car to a different parking zone to watch over his friend who goes enters the flats to the specific house.

Inside, the man is seen peeping through the window and the door perhaps to mark the items he will take. After a few minutes of looking he quickly opens the door and comes out with a back pack believed to be having a lap top. His colleague then comes and quickly they leave again with a TV Screen.

Police are apparently looking for these broad day thieves and anyone who can identify them has been urged to report them to the police immediately.

Check Out the video below and see how everything unfolded;