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  • The selection was made after a competition involving over 300 Matatu
  • The Matatu plies Nairobi CBD-Umoja  estate
  • The proprietor spent over ksh 1 million to customize the bus

Erico Walker, the exhibitor of the bus caught the eyes of First Lady Rachel Ruto at the Bomas of Kenya during Utamaduni Day celebrations says he invested millions to customize his bus.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio, the artist cum exhibitor said that the selection to have his bus take the first lady round in bomas came as surprise since the Matatu exhibition and competition was stiff to imagine he could win.

Erico says he was elated when he received a call that he had won in Mathree exhibitions.

“Nilipimp  tu gari, nikapeleka exhibition ya Nairobi county  so in that competition there were over 300 heavily customized mini buses. But I’m happy nyanga yangu ndiyo ili win.

First lady aliingia tu kama mtu wa kawaida aka kaa seat number 11 tukambeba, round Bomas of Kenya alafu  akashuka. “Erico narrated.

He said, after some people realized that his ‘Nganya’ was being whisked by police, there was a lot of excitement and noise as curious people gathered around to know what was happening.

Inside the Umoja bound Matatu that caught First Lady’s eyes on Utamaduni celebrations

Erico says he continued to drive the bus to town as he does on normal days while Mama Rachel interacted with other key government officials at the back.

“Ata sikupata chance ya kuongea na wao. Aliingia tu huko nyuma kama mtu wa kawaida. Sikuogopa juu mimi ni mtu wa kawaida tu. Vile sisi hubeba watu tu, niliendesha gari tu hivyo ,” he said.

He added that it was a surprise to have first lady and other high-ranking government officials board his bus to town and confessed that it brought him so much excitement in his heart.


He whoever declined to reveal the amount he had been paid for the noble task,Erico now says given a job to be driving the top politician he would proudly take it and do it diligently.

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