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  • Kenyans share funny reactions on cases where young women deliver alcohol to the table dancing
  • This has become such a common Phenomenal In Nairobi’s Night clubs

There is a notably common thing  that has become quite common in most entertainment joints in Kenya.

This happens  when revelers buy expensive liquor ,  some five or so young women bring it to you dancing, with all the fanfare and such.

Silas Nyancwhani a celebrated Author, jokingly asked on Facebook is this is really necessary .

Kenyans Reactions

Night Club (Photo Courtesy)


Netizens however have different views on this popular ”Gesture”

A section are in full support as captured below

”Mimi ninunue xxx mkuje bila hizo vitu nawambia warudi wakuje dj asifanye chuku chuku mzinga ikikam”

”Well, people are different, some feel as Bossess, Kiongoss when the Bottle arrives on the table in style. Personally, I wouldn’t want such unnecessary attention.”

Interesting to note is that a section of revelers find it quite annoying,


The sentiments are captured below,

”I hate it too. Too much unnecessary attention”

”I once left the club when i saw those ladies coming with those lights”

”I don’t one they tried that at me I signaled one waiter to go tell them to go and play those games huko njee kwa vichaka”

A particular Facebook user mentioned that some might actually complain if this doesn’t happen

”There are people who actually complain if they buy an expensive drink and the girls don’t bring it dancing.People love attention out here”

A different user claims the popping of  the lights is so unnecessary that brings unnecessarily attention

”They even pop some lights which leave you very scared. Again you have been exposed to all the thieves in the club”

”Whoever came up with that strategy isn’t the smartest around. Unwarranted attention tu

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