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Experienced Pumwani FC Suffer Shock Defeat In The Kothbiro Tournament



The much hyped game between former finalists Pumwani FC and new comers Ping FC lived up to the hype serving an entertaining 90 minutes.

Ping beat Pumwani 3-0 in the entertaining match.

Ping pressured the much experienced Pumwani until they cracked in the 10th minute with Ford Wangui taking advantage after a costly mistake from the goalkeeper and after 20 minutes ensured they dominated the first half by adding another goal.

Pumwani scored a consolation goal late in the first half through a penalty which was scored by Francis Omondi.

The second half started with leathal attacks from Pumwani but Ping took advantage in a counter in the 50th minute through Lemashon Samuel  ensuring they had control of the match early in the second half but Pumwani found the net in the 75th minute from the spot through Francis Omondi.

With the pace for the day already set in the first match, Langata Gremio and South C picked up the hype to serve a thrilling match with both teams chasing the game in the first half but none was able to get the ball past the keeper.

Langata Gremio came back strong in the second half terrorising South C’s defense enabling Tom Ogolla to give them the lead in the 60th minute ensuring they walked away with a well fought for victory.

The last match of the day saw Nkoroi FC and Hakati Sportif get into action.

Hakati took advantage of their well organised pace to keep Nkoroi’s defense busy with numerous shots on target untill they were able score the first goal through Kepha Aswani in the 13th minute after an open play.

In the second half Hakati continued pressing until they were able to solidify their win with goals from Lewis Bandi in the 60th and 70th minute that ensured they had a good start in the competition.

The games will be back on Friday with the fixture of the day being as follows ;

9:00 am   Pro Soccer Academ     vs    Nawajali FC

11:00 am  Kata Tenje FC      vs    Fera Combine

13:00 pm   Pinches    vs    Globetrotters