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Exposed!! Kumbe Ezekiel Mutual Lacks Morals Too? Exposed For Insulting A Facebook User. (Screenshot)

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mutuaOver the past few months, Kenyans woke up to the realization that we have an inhouse moral policeman, one Ezekiel Mutua. This man, is a government officer in charge of the Kenya Films Classification board- a body that governs the content aired through the media,be it on YouTube, local television and radio. Overtime, Mutua has rubbed shoulders with lots of the who is who in the entertainment industry,with a special concern with the LGBT group.

Apparently, many of us thought that his strong criticism against queers might land him in trouble with international countries like the US and that he might be denied a passport and a visa consequentially. Well, the contrary happened something that led Mutua to go brag his diplomatic documents (Passport and Visa) on Facebook…..and here is the caption;

“Because of my stand on moral values, including the banning of content promoting LGBT and Atheists culture in Kenya, someone wrote in a local daily that I will never get visa to the US. Well, I not only got it but it came on a Diplomatic Passport and I didn’t even have to go to the Embassy for bio metrics or pay the visa application fee. It was delivered to my office free of charge thanks to our efficient Ministry of Foreign Affairs and highly courteous US Embassy officials.
America here we come. . .TO GOD BE THE GLORY!”

Well, not everyone was impressed apparently and one Facebook user (name hidden) went on to question the KFCB CEO as to why he was so petty to boast his diplomatic documents on FACEBOOK!!!!! Why??? Was it necessary Mutua.

And our morally upright Mutua burned with fury, in boxed the concerned Facebook user with insults!!!

Well the screenshot below says it all…..and oh Mr.Mutua hasn’t apologised or responded in any way whatsoever.Check out;

mutua1 mutua2 mutua3 mutua4


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