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Exposed – Music Producers Ask For Sex- Beryl Owano


For those of you who may not have heard of her you need to log on to YouTube and search Beryl Owano and sample some of her songs.

Beryl Owano is one of Kenya’s fastest rising songstresses that have so graciously continued to grace our music industry.

The Mafisi singer says she has been singing since she was in class one and has even sang in the school choir. She has studied music as a part time course and says she enjoys anything music.

She has done some back up singing as well.  The sultry singer says she decided to join the music industry professionally back in 2014 when she met Kenyan artiste Laballaa who inspired her.

She first released her song Mafisi in 2014 which iniated a talk around town. SO WHY MAFISI? Beryl says the song mafisi was penned as a result of experience with a past relationship which ended when she found ”her man” cheating.


Beryl says the Kenyan music industry is tough for upcoming female artistes. She says producers, promoters and presenters often look beyond one’s talent and just want sexual favours to play their songs or record for them.

She says it is sad that some radio stations even ask for money as much as 15,000 shillings to give airplay.

Beryl is about to release a big tune which she says will create great controversies.

She released her new song Namtafuta.