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Exposed!! This Where Njoki Chege Lives Despite Hating On Subaru Owners


CHEGE NJOKIAllow me to remind you the last topic we covered about Njoki Chege,the nude-photo- taking sister attack.

Well,y’all know this woman is paid to be a realism or rather a critic for lack of a better word. Despite all the positive energy we have around,Njoki’ eyes only see the negative!!! Always. She should even adopt a slog line “All Critics,All Negativity,All the Time.”

Someone remind me of an article Njoki wrote on her Daily Nation column congratulating or in praise of anything. None in my memory. All i can recall is the attack on Kathy Kiuna (she deserved it anyway), Rich kid of Instagram, women who wear wigs, Sheesha-smoking women, fat and shapeless women reason why their men cheat on and the repeated attack on our South B and Zimmerman Subaru owners.

From the latter,anyone would expect Njoki Chege to be living in some expensive  Nairobi suburbs-some residence where Subaru owners can’t afford somewhere like Kitsuru,Lavington,Runda or any place close to that,but that’s not the case.

As a matter of fact the columnist lives with the same people she barks at for at least owning noisy Subaru’s,as Ghafla discloses.

” With her hate for Subarus, you would expect Njoki Chege to be Vera Sidika’s neighbor since Kitisuru’s roads are dotted with high-end SUVs, Mercedes and other costly European-made automobiles.

Njoki Chege plies Thika Road when going home, a highway which Subaru’s dominate. Njoki stays in Garden Estate which is easily accessible through Thika Road,” claimed Ghafla in a recent article.

I wont be surprised to find Njoki Chege waiting to be served “Mutura” at King’ori’s joint pale Zimmerman.