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Ezekiel Mutua bans Popular Show from airing in Kenya

Ezekiel Mutua bans Popular Show from airing in Kenya


Kenya Film Classification board has banned a popular teens show on Disney channel from airing in Kenya  following the introduction of a gay character for its second season.

The Channel made history recently when it introduced a gay story line to its popular show, Andi Mack, for its second season.

In the second season 13-year-old Cyrus Goodman comes out as gay and confesses to his best friend that he has a crush on cool kid Jonah Beck. Following the release of the film’s trailer Kenya’s film Boss announced  that the show would not be allowed to air in the country.

Mutua announced the sanction on his Facebook timeline, saying his organization was ‘unapologetic’ when it comes to protecting children from content that he termed ‘inappropriate’ and warned that gay content would not air in Kenya.

“When it comes to protecting children from exposure to bad content we are resolute and unapologetic. Gay content will not air in Kenya, period,The institution of family is sacrosanct. It’s the basic unit of society and it’s derived from a union between a man and a woman. Any other doctrine, teaching or information is a heresy and a travesty,” Mutua said.

Kenyans on social media applauded Mutua for the bold move echoing his continued fight against inappropriate content airing on the Kenyan screens.