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Ezekiel Mutua defends JCC Church over Richard Quest visit


By Annette Amondi

A section of Kenyans called out the Jubilee Christian church for inviting CNN journalist Richard Quest to fellowship with them.

Kenyans had an issue with Rev. Kathy Kiuna for hosting Quest at her church despite him being openly gay.

“Bishop Allan Kyuna and Cathy Kyuna, preach the Gospel of Christ. Today, they allowed Richard Quest, someone that has openly confessed to be Homosexual, to be in the pulpit. The same Church will chase anyone that confesses to be a polygamist.
Mzungu sins are elevated and Mwafrika “sins” are condemned.
Anyway, this is a new low in the publicity seeking Gospel Churches” wrote one user

Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has now come out to defend the Kiunas saying Quest’s vist at JCC is one of the highlights of his visit.

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“So guys are on Rev. Kathy and Bishop Kiuna for letting CNN top journalist Richard Quest into their church today, after his confessed gay lifestyle? Honestly? In my view Quest’s visit to the Jubilee Christian Church today and his interview with Rev. Kathy Kiuna is one of the highlights of his visit, besides his coverage of the KQ inaugural flight to New York tonight and the Mpesa revolution. If Quest’s main mission was to highlight life changing ventures and innovations in Kenya, then today he was in the right place. Rev. Kathy and Bishop Kiuna are the true exemplification of the Kenyan spirit of self-belief, resilience, hard work and faith. They have conquered many odds to be who they are today. Like or hate them, the Kiunas have influenced millions. No one can deny the fact that the Kiunas have given hope to many youths. Theirs is the true story of audacity of hope. Such are the unique stories that need to be highlighted about Kenya.” He said

Mutua added that Quest’s visit could be beneficial to the youth because he was in a capacity to share Kenyan stories with the world.

He added that the board had cleared him and called on Kenyans to let him and the Kiunas be.

“Quest may be gay, but he is a top notch journalist who can sense newsworthy stories with unique angles. The Kenya Film Classification Board cleared him and provided gratis licenses for his entire crew because we trusted in his professional ability to highlight the real stories about Kenya and her people. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his work. Let him be. Let the Kiunas be. Quest was not in church to sell gay ideology. He was there to cover a story of resilience and hope. He chose to highlight variant topics of hope and determination and that is a good thing.

The KFCB boss has since faced some harsh comments for defending the Kiunas.