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Ezekiel Mutua forced to respond after KOT trolled Robert Burale


Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has been forced to speak out after Kenyans trolled controversial pastor Robert Burale.

In a post shared on twitter, Ezekiel Mutua asked Kenyans not to make fun of Burale’s health.

He further asked Kenyans to stop the speculation adding that human beings can be healthy one minute and down the next minute.

“Never mock a man when he’s down. Never speculate, make jokes or be cynical about people’s health. We are all human and you can be fine one minute and the next all hell breaks loose. We are all so close to the edge. Life is fickle!” reads Mutua’s tweet.

His sentiments came hours after KOT poked holes at Burale’s Covid-19 story.

According to KOT, the pastor is faking being ill as a publicity stunt.

KOT argue that there is no way Burale is admitted in the hospital but he is still donning his everyday garments instead of a hospital robe.