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Ezekiel Mutua receives backlash after defending Mukhisa Kituyi

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The CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board Dr. Ezekial Mutua has received backlash from Netizens after defending Dr Mukhisa Kituyi.

This is after a nude video of Dr Mukhisa Kitui was shared online.

The CEO took to his twitter account and condemned the person who shared the video terming it as an invasion of privacy.

“Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi is a globally respected intellectual powerhouse and one of Kenya’s best leadership brands. He’s an elder, a husband and a father. To drag his private moments – real or perceived, into the public is evidence of how low we have sank as society. SAD!,” tweeted Dr. Mutua.

He also reminded Kenyans that no one is allowed to film a video of another person without permission.

“Making videos of others while naked, with or without their approval, is a breach of the Films and Stage Plays Act Cap 222. “No film or class of film for public exhibition shall be made without a filming license from the Board.” Now you know! Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?” added Dr. Mutua.

Netizens however did not take this lightly, questioning why he did not defend socialite Bridget Achieng when her nudes were also shared online.

“Daktari if this was an artist I bet you would have pinned them down and questioned their morality. Do the same when your fellow elders misbehave. The honorable was dishonourable So dishonor flowed him. That which is in darkness must come out,” wrote @-samuelWaithaka.

“I bet this only applies to your politician friends coz when it was Bridget Achieng you drew a line anyway Mukhisa Kituyi for president,” wrote @KibetBenard_

“We had some other video since last Sunday.You never talked.Please remain silent,” wrote @Nyuthe


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