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Ezekiel Mutua responds after Rafiki’s ban is lifted

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By Annette Amondi

Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua has finally responded to the High Courts decision to lift ban on Lesbian film Rafiki.

Mutua took to social media to air his frustration at th people who are happy to go watch the lesbian film after it ban was temporarily lifted.

The KFCB boss had banned the film but the court suspended the ban for seven days so that the movie could be aired locally and be submitted for the Oscars.

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“So I hear the High Court has temporarily lifted the KFCB ban on the homosexual film “RAFIKI” to allow it to be screened for seven (7) days to fulfil the requirements for nomination to the Oscar’s. Although we have not been served with the orders, we are meant to understand that the lifting of the ban is for seven (7) days and the screening is RESTRICTED to ADULTS only. After 30th of September 2018 the ban by the Board resumes as earlier announced. It’s a tragedy that anyone in their sane minds think that homosexual content is the one to market Kenya’s film industry in the global market. Films and art in general should reflect the dominant values of the Kenyan people. Homosexuality is not our way of life and is against our values. Anything that threaten or undermines the institution of family, which is derived from a union between two people of the opposite gender must be condemned.
The attempt to normalise homosexuality is akin to air-conditioning hell!”” he said on Facebook.

Mutua went on to say that KFCB is paying attention to see which public theater is going to screen Rafiki.

“We are watching to see which public theater will exhibit it without the boards approval.” He said