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Ezekiel Mutua takes a swipe at Gengetone group Mbogi Genje

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Kenya film classification board CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has taken a swipe at sheng masters Mbogi Genje.

In a post shared on twitter on Wednesday, Mutua wondered what the group’s parents thinks of their lyrics.

Mutua also took a swipe at parents of teenagers posting nudes online asking if they are proud of what their children do online.

”Those kids who do Kidungi and Mbogi Genje or whatever, whose kids are these? Are their parents proud of them? Those kids who sing dirty things or post their n…des on social media, whose kids are they? Don’t they have parents?” Mutua wrote.

The post was lauded by a number of online users who called on Mutua to sensor producers and various avenues linked to the new wave.

“Bwana Mutua, it is very simple. Censor the producers

Censor the Media houses, Draft a bill/law to control the contents

Encourage real talents” wrote one John Mark

Another section however asked Mutua to ensure the youth have jobs first before going after those using their talents.

“wewe. You should be creating jobs for youth si kuwachambua hapa” wrote Rizla Ayagoro


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