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Ezekiel Mutua wants Embarambamba stopped


By Claret Adhiambo

Kenya Film and Classification Board Chairman Ezekiel Mutua has raised concern over the theatrics of the new gospel sensation Embarambamba.

Mutua claims that Embarambamba who is known for climbing on trees and rolling in the mud during his performances could be a danger to himself.

“I have a feeling that Embarambara is a danger to himself and that his fans could be cheering him to self destruction. Is this style sustainable? Is it even sane? Unless he’s super human, this guy will hurt himself,” said Mutua.

Mutua further wants stopped before he hurts himself.

Embarambamba has recently become an internet sensation with his theatrics that have been deemed as unique and entertaining by his followers.

In a recent interview with a local Radio Station the artist stated that he is an orphan who grew up in hardship.

His breakthrough and ‘unique’ style of performance have earned him a fan base gigs in rather big events.