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Facts About Bob Marley You Did Not Know


Robert Nesta Marley was a legendary reggae musician who was born on February 6th 1945 and died on 11th May 1981 at the tender age of 36.

It is now 36 years since he died and his last words to his son were, “money can’t buy life.”

As we pay a befitting tribute to the crowned king of reggae music, a man whose image is replicated endlessly on tee shirts and dorm rooms all over the world, the poster boy of cannabis culture , below are some of facts you probably didn’t know about the legend himself.

  1. Bob Marley could read palms. His readings turned true and this did not make his mom happy.
  2. He was Arrested and imprisoned for one month for possession of Marijuana, and in prison he made friends who inspired him to write some of his songs.
  3. Bob Marley got the name Tuff Gong from his resilience and toughness on the street. He further created his own record label Tuff Gong Studio. Due to his mixed race the people also nicknamed him White boy.
  4. He was once invited for a show tour as a curtain raiser by Sly Stone only to be dumped after four shows for stealing the show and overshadowing the main act.
  5. Had eleven children officially. But rumor has it that he fathered over twenty children. He even had an affair with Miss World 1976 Cindy Breakspeare, mother to Damian jr.Gong Marley.
  6. Bob Marley loved football and was buried with a foot ball and a guitar
  7. He bought houses for friends in Jamaica and supported the poor.
  8. His albums Legend and Exodus are his greatest albums with a record 15M sold in US and 25M globally.
  9. His friend Winston Ford who run a soup kitchen in downtown Jamaican composed the song “no woman no cry”. Bob signed the rights of the song to Winston Ford and the royalties check from this tune helped support the soup kitchen until the death of Winston in 2008.
  10. Bob Drove a BMW nick named it Bob Marley and the Wailers.

He died of a malignant melanoma (Skin Cancer) which attacked his toe. He refused it to be amputated due to his Rasta faith.

Gone but not forgotten continue resting in Paradise Rasta.