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Fake it till you make it – Octopizzo exposed for stealing American rapper’s photo

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By Annette Amondi

Rapper Octopizzo has been exposed by a social media page for stealing American rapper’s photo and posting it as his own.

Octo posted a photo of a man standing next to a flashy Maserati leaving fans believing that he had bought himself the luxury car.

Lil Wopster, the US rapper, posted a photo of himself standing next to the expensive fuel guzzler. The catch however he was turned his face away from the camera so any fan of Octo would immediately think the man standing next to the shiny, black car was him.

The two artistes are of the same height, build and have their hair plaited in the same manner therefore making it difficult to tell them apart.

The number nane rapper posted the exact image on his timeline altering just the filter and even replied to comments branding him as an authentic rapper.

Fans immediately took to the comment section to congratulate him on his new Maserati saying he had really come a long way.

Well, Octo we still hope its Lil Wop who stole your image.




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