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Fake Ouma Oluga Posts Haunt Him After Serving Jail Sentence


The internet never forgets and right after the doctors seemingly emerged victorious over the government following an order to release them with immediate effect, the Union’s Secretary General Dr. Ouma Oluga cannot yet breathe a sigh of relief as new controversy is boiling around a tribal post he made on Facebook.

Dr.Oluga who has been very vocal and radical in leading his KMPDU team has articulated the doctors grievances passionately to an extent of having been quoted to say that the doctors would teach Uhuru Kenyatta a lesson right before they went on to strike.

The focus however has taken a tribal turn for the worst as the post he made is addressed to the Kikuyu community urging them to stop playing ‘God’ for one day they will fall off their throne of glory.

It is however important to note that the post was done way back in 2014. The doctor has distanced himself from the Facebook account saying that was an imposter but the post has since disappeared from his account.

The internet has exploded with reactions that bring out that ugly head of tribalism that has remained a thorn in Kenya’s flesh.

Here is Dr. Ouma Oluga’s post