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Fally Ipupa Apologizes On Behalf of His Father Figure KOFFI OLOMIDE


fally ipupaA week ago Kofii Olomide caused a stir on social media after he kicked one of his female dancers on camera. The move later on sparked government action to deport him back to Kinshasha.

Now his “product” Fally Ipupa has come out publicly to apologize on behalf of his father figure for such uncouth behaviour.

Speaking at Laugh Festival, Fally Ipupa who started as a backup artist in Koffi Olomodes Quartier Latin Band said that Kofii has learnt a lesson from what he did.

He added, “Koffi is like my father, so I apologise to Kenya for what he did. I apologise to every Kenyan, every mother and every African. If your father does something wrong all you can do is apologise on his behalf. So from me to you, I am sorry,”

He also promises to come stage a bog concert in Kenya towards the end of the year.