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Families, Businesses Feel Pinch Of Crackdown On Boda Boda Riders


Just one day after the president Uhuru Kenyatta ordered a nationwide crackdown on bodaboda riders, some of the families of the riders are already feeling the pinch of the impact of the crackdown.

Peter (not his real name) says he has been rendered jobless after his motorbike was impounded by during the crackdown.

Peter who has been earning a living from bodaboda for six years now says that his family in Huruma slums solely depends on him for a living.

 “We have been jobless since yesterday because the police are impounding our motorbikes. For sure we are at the verge of losing our families because of the hard economic situation,” Peter said.

The effects seem to cut across, Gideon Sakwa another rider who says that he has been forced to cancel most of his plans following the crackdown.

Sakwa says the government should consider the harsh treatment since most of them depend on the business for their livelihoods.

“I have cancelled most of my plans because since yesterday I have been jobless, I need to pay rent, feed my three children, but right now nothing is working for me because I have no job,” Sakwa said.

Online businesses that depend on bodaboda riders to offer delivery services to their clientele have not be spared either.

According to Head of deliveries in one of the leading cafés in Nairobi who spoke on condition of anonymity the ongoing operations have impacted the business negatively

“The sales have gone down, the operations have adversely affected us, since my clients only prefer to use bodaboda to do deliver because of speed and flexibility,” he stated.

By Rodgers Oduor