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Families Left Homeless After Landlord Hires Goons To Evict Them


At least six families have been left homeless in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums after they were evicted by goons allegedly hired by landlord to evict them.

David one of the victims says that the goons reportedly attacked them at 2.00 am with bangs on the doors on Monday when they were still asleep.

He says that they then cut electricity connections and water pipes connected to the place.

“It was around 2.00am when we heard a group of people outside banging doors and windows, they ordered us to vacate our house. When people resisted to comply with their orders they started breaking household equipment,” David said.

The area Chief Nixon Munene has condemned the malicious act by the landlord for using unauthorized channels to conduct the eviction citing that even though the property belongs to him, he was obliged to use the humane and legal channels.

“We fully condemn the inhumane eviction by the property owner and also we urge the landlords to use legal means to settle contentious issues,” Munene added.

He however confirmed the incident stating that the six families were give an eviction notice by the landlord who wanted to upgrade his houses.


Munene says that the tenants were however reluctant to vacate the houses that were set for renovation.

“The six families said to have been ejected had occupied the structures that were set to be upgraded so the property owner is said to have hired some youths to facilitate vacation orders,” Munene confirmed

The senior administrator has also assured the victims of inhumane ejection that security will be heightened to ensure early detection of security breach in the area.

By Rodgers Oduor