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Families Left In The Cold After Fire Razes Down Houses In Kibra

A number of people have been left homeless following a fire incident in Gatwekera slums in Kibra Constituency.

The fire incident reportedly burnt more than three houses leaving the families homeless.

Lydia Atieno one of the victims says that she was cooking her meal of rice and beans before she saw smoke coming from one of the houses.

“I was busy preparing my rice and beans, then I smelt something, when I went outside, I saw smoke coming from one of the houses,” says Atieno.

She says that she ignored the smoke sign since the neighbor is known for burning garbage at the place.

“Unfortunately the fire spread quickly to the other houses and partially burnt my house,” she says.

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Atieno who has stayed in Gatwekera since 1977 is calling for a solution to the unending fire incidences in the area.

“Fire fighters are always unresponsive. We are calling on the government to at least set up a fire station near Gatwekera village. They can even set it at the Olympics Primary School which is just next to us.

Nairobi Fire engines have been grounded for quite some time now. This is after the county government failed to pay their insurance cover.