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Families of Dandora Killing victims still lacking burial permits

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Four families of the five men who were killed in Dandora on August 26th are still seeking permits to bury the victims.

The family of Vincent Mandu, 29 is the only family that has got their permit so far.

“They eventually gave us the permit to gather and raise money to arrange for the funeral of my husband,we had to go to Kinyago police station with a lawyer to help” said Mandu’s wife

Last week, the families complained that the police were denying them official gathering permits to enable them make funeral arrangements.

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Police gunned down the five men on August 26 at Dandora Phase II dumpsite on claims they were peddling drugs and that they had engaged them in a shootout.

The family of  Alex Githuku, one of the victims, said they were forced to conduct underground fund drives, mainly over the phone to help foot the funeral bills.

The family reports that police threatened to punish those who gathered at Githuku’s house to raise funds for the funeral.

“They denied us a burial permit and threatened to punish anyone gathering at my house in Dandora or showing sympathy to my family,”  said the victim’s mother

Mandu will be burried in Samia, Busia countyon August 8th.