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Family Appeals For Help For Child With Cerebral Palsy


A family in Gathanga Kiambu County is appealing to Kenyans to help their child Winnie Muthoni who has Cerebral Palsy get her surgery.

Winnie Muthoni is a 14 year old girl who was diagnosed with the sickness at the age of three months.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio, Catherine Mworia who is a boda boda rider says that their daughter was not born with the disease but it developed when the child was three months after a short illness.

She added that they stopped going for therapy sessions due to lack of enough funds and the little she got from her boda boda business was used on maintaining the family.

“She was not born with the disease, she started falling ill and we thought it was just a normal sickness. We took her to the hospital and she was tested for meningitis and there is where the issue started. We started therapy sessions but due to financial issues we stopped therapy because i also had to take care of her other siblings,” Muthoni said.


Odera says that the child is dependent on diapers and Calcium medicine which are expensive to afford with the kind of work she does.

She said that the surgery costs 1.5 million shillings while she uses 3 thousand shillings a week for the daughter’s upkeep.

“My child uses diapers or special mats that she uses to ease herself. We also use oil to massage her joints. She also needs calcium medicine to strengthen her bones. In a week we use close to Ksh. 3,000 and the kind of work I do it is difficult to get the funds. The surgery and maintenance cost Ksh 1.5million,” she added.

The mother of three says her daughter is experiencing a lot of pain after getting bruises due to sleeping on mats.

“She needs surgery that starts from the hips going down because she has bowed legs. She was supposed to undergo surgery last year September but due to lack of enough finances we postponed the surgery. She has been experiencing pain because she has developed bruises on her back. She has not been able to sit for the last 5 years because of the dislocation in the legs,” Muthoni added.

She asked Kenyans to help her raise the cash for surgery in order to help her daughter live like the rest.

“I have tried to get funds from people but most of them think I am joking because I am working. I would like to tell anyone that wants to see the child to confirm the story that they are free to visit our home. We want her to be like other children and I request any Kenyan to help us,” she requested.

To help Winnie Muthoni you can send your contributions to 0798093007- Catherine Mworia.