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Family appeals for help to settle medical bills for kin with mental illness


A family in Awendo, Migori County is living in dilemma following their kin’s detention at a hospital in Kisumu County over Ksh. 138,746 medical bill.

Thirty two year old Silver Melear Otieno who was admitted at Kilimani Hospital in Kisumu with mental disorder to be detained over Ksh. 138,746 hospital bill.

Silver was admitted at the hospital on 17th December, 2021 for a two month treatment of substance use disorder and substance induced psychosis.

According to Silver’s father Charles Otieno, the family has only managed to raise sh. 42,000 after a long struggle.

“We started with a small saving every month, sold the chicken we had because we only have a small piece of land where we stay hence it cannot be leased out. Currently our total dues amounts to Sh. 138,745 plus sh.150, 000 for rehabilitation at Asumbi mission,” said Charles.

Charles fears that his son might be a prisoner in the hospital following the hard life the family undergoes.


“Imagine we have already paid some cash to the hospital but due to the kind of life we are living, I am seeing my son is going to be a prisoner within the hospital,” he added.

The family is now calling on the well-wishers, the government, relatives and friends to help them discharge their kin as the bill keeps on accruing.

Charles has also called on the county government of Migori to build rehabilitation centers to reduce the cost they spend on private facilities.

Those willing to assist to reach him, Charles Otieno on 0713330613.

By Jacob Oluoch