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Family In two year agony after baby was switched at birth


Daniel Karura and his wife Consolata Karura are expectant, usually the thought of having a new born baby is supposed to bring excitement and joy, to a couple, but to Daniel and Consolata, this new pregnancy is clouded with fear, sadness and worry.

This is because this is not their first pregnancy, their first, brought them extreme physical and mental suffering after their baby was switched at birth at the Pumwani Maternity Hospital.

“It was two years ago, 20th January 2018,  when i took my wife to Pumwani Maternity Hospital for delivery, the doctors there rushed her for an emergency C Section at the hospital,”narrates Karura.

Karura says that after 30 minutes, nurses came back to him holding a dead baby saying that his child was dead.

“They called me in after 30 minutes and showed me a dead baby. The bay was dry, his umbilical cord was also dry, it did not look like that of a new born baby. I then became suspicious and asked the nurse where baby was, the nurse refused and insisted that that was my baby. She said that they do not keep dead babies at the hospital since they do not have a mortuary.” says Karura.

Karura said he then asked for his wife and he was told that his wife was under full anesthesia and had not yet woken up.

Karura says that he later reported the matter to the police and he was asked to take a DNA test of the dead baby presented to him.

“In February 18 we went and reported the matter to the CID’s office. We were then asked to take a DNA test. So we went to the government’s chemist took the DNA test and we were told that the results will be out after three weeks,” says Karura.

The results came out almost two years later and this was only after Karura launched sought the help of the office of the Ombudsman.

“The DNA tests were finally released and the results show that the dead baby presented to me at the hospital was not mine. So i went back to Pumwani Hospital and found a different HR who said she was not aware of my case that i should go to the Medical Board and report the matter,” he says.

It has been an acrimonious back and forth run for Karura and his wife. One full of pain and agony and the imagination that his baby might be out there somewhere.

“I would love to know what he is wearing, what he is eating, is he safe or is he suffering?” poses Karura.

And with a second baby on the way, Karura says that they are more scared than they were before.

“I knew Pumwani was switching babies, i just did not know that i would become part of the statistics,” he says.

His wife Consolata so distraught to speak says that she would prefer the half anesthesia rather than the full one.

He is appealing to the government to help him resolve the matter adding that the hospital has and the medical board have been taking him round in circles with no success.