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Family Petitions DCI To Probe Kidnapping Of Three Children

Two Kenyans have petitioned the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to expeditiously form a team to probe the kidnapping of three children from their residential house in Langata area.

The two ,Harji Larji Senghani his son and Nikesh Harji Senghni who are of Indian origin claim that the kidnappers upon  taking  away  the children  filed  application  before  Tononoka law court  seeking  the custodial  orders  of the minors.

The petition has been filed by Lawyer Danstan Omari at the Milimani Law Courts.

“The family of the victims, especially  the grandfather is devastated because since  April  he has not seen his grandchildren,” Omari  said.

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The aggrieved families through their lawyer Omari upon  learning  that strangers  had filed  an application seeking  custodial orders of their  children, they appeared before  trial magistrate  however they  told  the court  was not sitting and were  told  to appear on 1st  September  2022.

“There’s no point  of me living I’ve  lost my wife  they have taken  my children, I’ve lost everything, people  are blaming  me for killing  my wife, I have  been  accused  of child  trafficking,” Nikesh  said.

The genesis  of the problem  facing  from  the father  and the son arise  from  the mysterious  death of Nikesh’s wife  Vanita  Senghni.

Nikesh  is alleged  to have killed  his wife however  the investigation  from officer from DCI  office  have since  absolved  him.

By Rodgers Oduor