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  • She was a form there’s girl who was to report back to school
  • Several cases of school going girls eloping have been reported

A family in Silanga area in Kibra slums is now searching for their daughter who went missing just a few moments before reporting to school.

The family say that the daughter disappeared from the house just after receiving shopping she was to report back to school with.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio today, the family said the girl is a form 3 girl and a student at Mundakari girls Meru county.

The minor’s brother says that the minor has never pulled a disappearing act before.

” I am calling on anyone who has seen or heard of my sister who went missing today after we have prepared her to go back to school after spending with us half-term Holliday. She was a student and Mundakari girls in Meru county and next year she is supposed to sit for her K.C.S.E exams. We have already reported and anyone who will spot her to report to nearest police station,” said Onyonka

Kibera area Children Officer Humphrey Lando confirmed that the cases of missing minors in Kibera are growing.

According to Lando, most of these minors are eloping with older boyfriends in the area.

” It is true I have received that case and I am going to take a very serious action against the person who has gone in hiding with the minor. It is not the only case that I have but several cases are within my desk including one that has a girl who has eloped with a thug,” said Lando.

The officer took time to warn parents to probe their children’s friends since some are not morally upright and may influence their children.

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