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Fans attack Samidoh over allegations he impregnated City Lawyer


A section of fans are on Kikuyu benga singer Samidoh’s case after allegations that he is set to welcome a child with city lawyer Karen Nyamu.

The allegations started after the heavily preggers Nyamu’s baby shower where she hinted that he may be her baby daddy.

While sharing clips from her surprise baby shower, Nyamu shared a caption addressing her baby daddy as Baba SM JNR and fans concluded she is talking about the singer.

“Surprise baby shower. I have the best friends everrrr! Thank you so much for making me feel so special. To baba SM jr kwa kuniset up na ma meetings haziko, ishio nitukwaria?? May someone make you feel just like you made me feel today?” she wrote

Following the news, a section of his fans have called him out for what they termed as ‘Cheating on his wife’

The singer is married to Edith Muchoki with whom they have two children.


Am so mad at you leo….aki all men are all the same…. anyway it’s your life….endelea kutafuta mumbi

Mumbi ni Karen wooi

Am here ?? representing Karen Nyamu? congratulations as you expect the bundle of joy together?

_kjmpoa: Mumbi karen… asanti sana Baba SM jr for representation ?

Wtf you cheated! Im so hurt! I dont think your wife and children deserved that.

Aki our president leo nimekasirika ju yako….

Nimekasilishwa na wewe sana Leo i cant believe