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Fans Blast Akothee for Mocking Women Who Use P2 (PHOTOS)

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Akothee is losing it. No, not the money but the influence, love and support she once received from Kenyans courtesy of her endless pride and social media self glorification.

It was really funny when Akothee addressed her feud with Princess Julie, ati she had been warned not to try support the latter since “the pride doesn’t leave once superstar even after the money and fame is gone.” Well, the statement was so true but Akothee was unknowingly talking of her fate not so many years from now.

We have seen people who had it all losing everything in a flash.

Truth be said, Akothee needs to slow down with this bragging. As a matter of fact,she just graduated from bragging to belittling fellow women because they can’t make money like she does. She even went ahead to calculating how much she makes per week from her baby daddies courtesy of her “mzungu” sons.

As if that wasn’t enough injury to our women’s ego, Akothee then goes on to mock them to keep taking  contraceptives measures. Clearly…..Akothee indirectly advised ladies to give birth to as many kids with white boys to enjoy the privileges she does today!!

“I love my baby daddies coordination, they pay hotel accommodation & food , for their children’s valentines week , I provide driver &, fuel ????lakini pesa ya gari wamelipa 12000 × 6 days ??katasi of Akothee safaris
biashara imeingiana smiling all the way  to the bank , wewe ngoja P2 hapo kitandani, SIJATAJA MUTU , enjoy your valentines holidays OJWANG ,OYOO,” was the caption that has since set up an internet inferno.

What happened to ROLE MODELS?? Akothee, how dare you tell our women this on Valentines day???

Well, the comments that streamed in from the post above clearly shows that Kenyans are tired of Akothee mockery.

She has since earned herself all sorts of names.

And just to highlight the main point, Akothee has been asked to brag about her 3 dark daughters. Kenyans want to see her kissing them just the same way she does to Ojwang and Oyoo.

A comment suggested that she is neglecting her dark kids over the two pointees.

Finally, Akothee has been asked to do Single hit songs or quit music  instead of depending on Collabos with successful real artistes such as Diamond Platnumz and Flavor.

Waiting for her response following this major media uproar. Check out;



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