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Fans Blast Bahati For Giving Them Unnecessary Pressure


Former gospel Star turned secular artist Kevin Bahati has been advised by a section of his fans to refrain from giving them unnecessary pressure as he documents his life gains on social media.

The Barua Singer had taken to Instagram where he revealed gifting his wife, Diana Marua and his children a brand new Mercedes Benz W205  terming it a ‘small gift’. “Babe I am Happy that You have Enjoyed My Small Gift to you and My Babies. ?

Receive this Mercedes W205 Specifically for Dropping the Kids to School When they Don’t feel Like Using the School Bus;I Love You ?@diana_marua”posted Bahati on Instagram.

Considering that a Mercedes Benz doesn’t come cheap for it’s a high maintenance vehicle  oozing class and opulence many hit out at Bahati for  his irony in terming it a ‘small gift’ used in school errands.

“Wacha kuturingia, ati small present… wengine hatuna wheelbarrow ?” fired one user, “mbona unatupea pressure mkuu ????” wrote another user.

For Clout Chasing

Some picked out the strategy as meant for clout chasing noting that the car bore no number plate and would be soon  driven back to the showroom. “Umesema your Babe doesn’t need car plates ama ni requirements ya show room that cars borrowed for pictures like these, be returned without any tampering ??????” Shot one user.

Invest Wisely Desist From Social Media Braggadocio


Bahati’s Wife Diana Marua also took to Instagram where he poured accolades to Bahati thanking him for the car present while acknowledging him as heaven sent.” You are Everything I Prayed for and more Spice sprinkled on top ?❤️

“My Kids and I woke up to a Brand New Mercedes Benz W205 from Hubby????”read part of Diana’s statement.

Joining the conversation, the Bahatis were reminded to invest wisely  and not to fall for social media glorification.

” Hope ur investing pia hii social media isikudanganye Bahati”wrote the user.

Some also took the chance to remind the couple to consider gifting Bahati’s Baby Mama, Yvette Obura with a car.

” At least buy a car for mama Mueni too”fired another user.

However, some also praised the ‘Bahatis’ for their success.


By Steve Osaka