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  • Fomer Konde Gang signee Anjella drops new music.
  • Fans call her out for using her former boss’ lookalike.

Fomer Konde Gang signee Anjella has dropped a new hit dubbed ‘Blessing’.

The hit comes three weeks after the singer teased it on her social media accounts by posting a photo of herself as a charcoal vendor indicating that she was going through a hard  time and that nothing was going to get between her and her musical dream.

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Among those featured in the music video is a man with a striking resemblance to that of Anjella’s former boss Harmonize, something which has not gone unnoticed to her fans who claim that she is still using Harmonize’s influence for the success of her solo projects.

Fans Reaction

Nenduh: Ko umeona ukimuweka mfano wa @harmonize_tz nyimbo itaenda we dada ulikosea sana kuondoka konde gang auna utofauti na @richmavoko sasa utajutia endelea kumsema harmoo ili ubaki kweny mstali ila iv iv dada @anjella_tz unapotea nakwambia 😂🙌

Narralight: Mbona hyo mkaka sura kma konde boy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂@harmonize_tz unaona Anjela mchokozi😂😂😂😂

Norissy 1: Hii inaitwa kudharau ulikotoka na hujui unakoenda

Ezrayjesus: Yani harmo alimuweka diamond fek saiz enjella anamuweka harmo fek 😂

Paul Material: Nyimbo nzuri,lakini Kumbuka @harmonize_tz alikuonesha dunia,cjajua hii vdeo unataka kumuongelea vp,Binadam hatujakamilika

Fallout with Harmonize

‘Blessing’ music video starts with Anjella getting up from sleep and immediately removing a cassette of her song Kioo featuring Harmonize from the cassette player, then throwing it on the table, a clear indication that there still might be bad blood between the two.

Early this year the Tanzanian songbird finally revealed her exit from Harmonize’s music label Konde Worldwide Music popularly kown as Konde Gang.

Anjella was signed to Konde Music Worldwide in 2021 and under the label, the talented singer released various hits including KamaKioo and Nobody which is her biggest solo single to date.

Due to her silence and social media hiatus, a few months ago, Tanzanian media speculated that she left the label and she has since maintained a low profile which includes avoiding interviews. 

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