Fans roast Mbosso for lying about buying a mansion

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Bongo sensation Mbosso made headlines early this week after news broke that he had aquired a multi million mansion.

The singer became the envy of many artistes who could not believe his fast rise after just one year at Wasafi records.

The singer had shared images of his alleged mansion saying it was a huge step that meant everything to him.

“Mwenyezi Mungu ni Mkubwa sana na anasiri kubwa sana katika kila ya mja wake (..Asante Mola wangu..)…, huenda hiki kikawa kidogo sana kwa wengine ila kwangu Mimi nikikubwa sana , tena sana kwa sababu sikuwa na uwezo nacho awali, ila tu Mapenzi yenu na Sapot yenu kwangu mmenifanya leo hii na Mimi niwe na kwangu .., “Eti Mbosso na Mimi leo nina kwangu 😭..” , “Acha niseme asanteni sana kwa upendo wenu, asanteni kwa Kuokoa kipaji changu na kuamua kunisapot tangu siku ya kwanza hadi kufiki leo hii ..” Hiki ni kidogo mulichoweza kunifanya nimiliki leo hii kijana wenu.. “Mungu awabariki sana na awafungulie milango yenu ya rizki kwa upana zaidi ” ili mupate nguvu ya kuendelea kunisapot Kijana wenu ” inshaalla.” He said

Word on the street now says Mbosso’s alleged mansion is actually rented by Wasafi records.

In a video shared by Jay Maudaku, the chap claimed it was wrong for Mbosso to lie to his fans about buying a house when it did not happen.

Jay called out wasafi records artistes saying they are giving the youth unnecessary pressure.

“WCB stop faking life. You rent a house then go to Instagram to advertise how you actually bought it. Tanzanian artistes will leave you questioning why God does not bless you the way he blesses them.” he said

A spot check also revealed that the house he claims to have bout is actual a three bedroom rental by a real estate company known as Daily Tegeta.