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  • Jamie Fox had a stroke and barely a week left to film a movie he was working on
  • A section of his fans are furious with Jamie Fox for overlooking his health at the expense of his career
  • It is alleged that Jamie recently fired some of his production team creating uncertainty in his camp

Fans of American actor, comedian, singer and film producer Eric Marlon Bishop popularly known as Jamie Fox are furious with him as word went out that the latter had a stroke and still proceeded to work on a film instead of waiting until he was well.

During the filming, they used a stunt double to finish the job.

According to the fans, health comes first because your job is going to move on even in your absence.

Unconfirmed reports allege that there has been a cloud of uncertainty hanging at Jamie’s production management after he fired part of the staff.

Daughter Made Public Jamie’s Ailment

It’s Jamie’s daughter Corinne Foxx, who made public his health struggles.

Corinne maintained that her dad was out of danger after a quick medical intervention and was on the road to recovery.

She further thanked fans for their prayers while seeking privacy for the family.

“From the Foxx Family:

We wanted to share that,my father, Jamie Foxx, experienced a medical complication yesterday.Luckily,due to quick action and great care,he is already on his way to recovery.

We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers.The family asks for privacy during this time.

Much love, The Foxx Family” she wrote.

Road To Success

Jamie Foxx became a star with his appearance on,In Living Color.In 1992,he made his debut film,Toys.His star kept on shinning brighter with his 1999 role in Oliver Stone’s film,Any Given Sunday.

Jamie Foxx is one of the most sought after celebrity’s in Hollywood,he has been nominated and won awards for many of his film’s such as “Ray” , based on the life of Ray Charles where he bagged the Best Film Actor.

Foxx is also a Grammy Award -winning artist with five albums under his belt namely, Best Night Of My Life, Intuition,Peep This, Hollywood and Story Of A Dozen Roses.

It’s still unclear when Foxx will be leaving the hospital but his family, friends and fans are hoping he’ll pull through.

Taking a rest improves our mental being while also enhancing our productivity.

Is lack of rest troubling Foxx who has a net worth of $170 million? Drop a comment.

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