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Fans troll Vera Sidika over failed Instagram show, she responds


For the better part of last week and early this week, socialite and business woman, Vera Sidika hyped her upcoming Instagram live show.

Fans were eager to be part of the much-hyped ‘Sin city event’ that was to kick off on Tuesday night.

Netizens were however disappointed by Vera’s much-hyped show when it turned out to be all talk and nothing much to see.

This was mainly because many anticipated that it would be as lit as vlogger Xtiandela’s Club Covid which has been causing ripples (Literally) for weeks now.

Following an online uproar, Vera has been forced to apologize, saying that her Instagram live crashed and that is why fans didn’t get the chance to see what they camped on her page for.

“More than 42,000 views in 10 minutes. WOW. I appreciate y’all for tuning in tonight even though my IG live crashed & the show didn’t happen ?? I’m so pissed. I had my big Booty girls set aside for tonight & due to overwhelming requests & comments couldn’t get them to come in ?? Show didn’t happen but I’ll fix this soon I promise ? Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Love y’all ❤️??” said Vera Sidika.