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Father of 13 year old boy shot by police speaks after officer was arrested

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Hussein Molte Moyo, the father of 13 year old Yassin Moyo who was shot and killed by a police officer in Huruma area has expressed his gratitude to the relevant authorities following the officer’s arrest.

On Monday, the Director of Public Prosecutions approved the arrest and prosecution of police officer, Duncan Ndiema Ndiwah the tragic shooting incident on March 30th.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, the senior Moyo said that he is grateful that the authorities moved swiftly in his son’s case and also called on justice to be served for other victims of police brutality.

“I received a message that the DPP has approved the officer’s arrest. I was informed that he is an officer from Huruma police post and I am happy that he has been arrested. I would like the same to be extended to other victims of police brutality.” He said

Moyo further added that he has been facing challenges in dealing with his son’s death especially because he still lives in the same house where he was shot.

“It has been difficult especially because I can’t move out of the house because it is my property. Every day I go to the balcony where he was shot and the pain just becomes too much.” He added

On Wednesday members of Kiamaiko social justice center together with the families of victims of police brutality held a media briefing to call on the speedy arrest of the officers involved.

Wilfred Olalo, the convener of social justice group said there have been various cases that are yet to be resolved leaving many families in grief.

“We are here today to air out our frustrations on the happenings in Mathare and the country at large. In the last two months three boys have disappeared without explanation and no authority is following it up. Here also the police have killed people during curfew hours so I would like to understand why they are using the curfew to hurt innocent people. We are happy the officer involved in killing the young boy in Huruma will finally answer to his crimes and I assure you that we will follow up the matter to the end.” He said



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