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  • Gem Sub county Police Commander says the officer could have been distressed
  • Officer took his own life at Siala Kaduol Police Station in Gem

In a tragic turn of events, a police constable identified as Maurice Chisihavi allegedly took his own life on Sunday night (16th April 2023) in his house at Siala Kaduol Police Station in Gem Siaya County.

Officer kills self

The deceased officer was the father to one of the victims of food poisoning at Sacred Heart Mukumu Girls in Kakamega County.

Gem Sub County Police Commander, Cecilia Kemboi, confirmed the incident and said that the officer could have been distressed at the time of the incident.

“He shot himself in the chin and the bullet exited on the upper part of the head, killing him instantly,” Kemboi was quoted.

According to reports, the officer was distraught after learning that his daughter had been hospitalized following the food poisoning incident at Mukumu School.

“His daughter is one of the victims of the Mukumu Girls High School food poisoning incident. This has greatly affected him in the last few days,” Kemboi added.

Officer’s daughter recuperating after food poisoning incident

The police have launched investigations into the matter to determine the circumstances leading up to the officer’s suicide.

The food poisoning outbreak at Mukumu School claimed the lives of four people, including three students and one teacher, and resulted in the hospitalization of several others.

The incident led to the closure of the school and the transfer of Principal Fridah Ndolo, as well as the disbandment of the school’s board by Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu.

“What happened was unfortunate and could have happened to anybody. We are not apportioning blame or condemning anybody but considering the situation and circumstances that we are in, we have brought in a new principal who is taking over with immediate effect. The new board should be in place by Monday,” CS Machogu said.

The incident has raised concerns about the mental health and well-being of individuals affected by the tragic incident at the school.

Meanwhile Mukumu Girls alumni group suggested offering psycho social support to the students, teachers and staff when the school re opens.

“There are leadership and governance challenges in the school after the board chairman was sidelined in running of the school. The alumni were previously represented on the board as one of the key stakeholders but our seat was unceremoniously vacated without any official communication. We trust we shall be reinstated in a constituted board,” groups chairperson Enid Busolo said.

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