Father of slain Jericho boy says his son was innocent

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The father of a suspected thug shot dead in Jericho last week on Thursday says his son was innocent.

Seventeen year old Arnold Okong’o’s father says his son was shot by police on a mistaken identity.

According to the father his son was was working as a conductor on that fateful morning when he was shot dead by the police while taking a break.

He says the police shot his son several times after taking him from the joint where he was having tea.

Okong’o also faulted information given by the police that his son was 23 years old and a most wanted thug in the area.

He has promised to take legal action on the police for killing his son .

Residents from Jericho say that the suspected thug Randy was in a company of Leon Shimoli a notorious thug who managed to escape during a shoot out with the police.