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  • She will be trading punches for the World Boxing Federation (WBF) Featherweight
  • The queen of boxing Zarika will be making a comeback into the ring today.

Kenya’s most celebrated female boxer Fatuma  Zarika will be making a comeback today promising a breathtaking throw down  ahead of her  World Boxing Association (WABA) intercontinental title fight against  Fatuma Omari of Tanzania at Broad Walk Mall in Parklands today Oct 27th 2023.

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Fatuma Zarika (Photo Courtesy)

Zarika Says Being Away Has Been A Blessing

Zarika assured he fans that her absence should not worry them ,since She’s back and ready to test her body

“I have been away for a while but now I am back. This fight is an opportunity to test my body and know where I am as per my physical readiness. Being away for a while is maybe a blessing in disguise because I am back with renewed vigour and ready to take the game by storm. My ultimate target is to win and I hope this bout will put me on the path to attracting more sponsors,” she said.

She has called on boxing fans to show up in large numbers,

”Let Kenyan boxing fans turn up in large numbers and watch just what is the up the sleeves of the mother of all boxers in Kenya and trust me, I won’t disappoint,”

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Tanzanian’s Fatuma Omari

Yazidu Omari (Photo Courtesy)


Tanzania’s Fatuma Omari warned the Kenyan ”Iron Fist”  not to be fooled by her pretty face and petite body, adding that she is monster when unleashed in the ring.

“Fatuma I want to tell you not to be fooled by this face and this body. I have not come here to impress people with my pretty face but to work hard (for the title),” she said amid cheers from the crowd.

Kenya Professional Boxing Commission (KPBC) president Reuben Ndolo who presided over the presentation of the financial backing said the fight was informed by fruitful talks he had with WABA officials and especially given Zarika’s alluring form in the bare-chested game lately.

“Zarika is our champion and it was only fair that we negotiated for her to take a stab at a continental title. She has been a role model to many,” said Ndolo.


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