FBI Dancers appeal for Ksh 3 Million to represent Kenya Abroad

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By Annette Amondi

A few days ago, Ghetto Radio did the story of FBI dancers who are seeking help to go represent Kenya at the annual World Dance Olympic.

FBI, Kenya’s celebrated dance crew received an invite to compete at the dance competition back in May but has not been able to raise the Ksh 3 Million funds to enable them travel for the event.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio’s MajiMaji, the crew said so far they have only managed to register for the event and get the visas.

The group needs at least Ksh. 3 Million for travel expenses and accommodation for around eight days. At the moment the group has no funds at all.

The event is set to take place in Phoenix Arizona in August.

The crew is set to travel on the 1st of August but so far all they have is the talent and the will to carry Kenya’s flag high.

FBI, dancers have reached out to the ministry of Youth, Sports and culture, Nairobi senator, Hon. Babu Owino and Jaguar.

FBI Dancers are the Sakata Season 2 winners, a programme that used to air on Citizen TV.

FBI’s Ezra says the group is yet to receive any form of help or response  from the officials except Babu Owino who helped them raise registration fee.

For any assistance, fans can help raise money using the paybill number 935852 A/C FBI dance crew Kenya.