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  • Fearless man Julius Kamau chains himself in front of the parliament buildings to deliver his speech before he is arrested.
  • Police break the padlock, unchain and rough him up before driving away with him.
  • He asserts that Africa is still a colony and that after independence, today no Kenyan should be hungry and homeless.

Forget maandamano protests, it took over ten policemen to unchain and arrest the ‘fearless man’ but only after delivering his powerful speech.

Julius Kamau had chained and locked himself in front of the parliament buildings on a street sign pole to uninterruptedly deliver his oppression speech titled ‘Poverty is modern day slavery’.

The police shocked at his harmless approach, looked on helplessly as he delivered the flowing powerful speech. As this was happening, they struggled to break the padlock, unchain and arrest him.

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The Speech ‘Poverty is modern day slavery’ delivered while chained.

Julius Kamau the Fearless man delivers his speech as police struggle with the chain. – PHOTO Courtesy of Julius Owino Majimaji

“The government should be there to serve its people…I believe the time has come for Africa. We have suffered for so long, our people and our generation are dying! My people, I’m not afraid, I’m not fearing any man. I’m not worried about anything. I just want you to do God’s will and he has taken me over to the mountain top.

I have seen the Promised Land and I am certain… (He was interrupted by police asking for the key to unchain him).

“People are suffering, people are dying… how is the government addressing this?” He asked the police.

“The government has become so inefficient! Kwa nini tukuwe hivi? Who bewitched Africa, who bewitched this nation?” He roared on.

Our leaders are comfortable at the statehouse while people are suffering. This issue has not been addressed in this country for 60 years. We must stop being afraid.

Julius Kamau the Fearless man chains himself as police frustrated on how to unchain him – PHOTO Courtesy of Julius Owino Majimaji

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My people, fear destroys life, uoga na ukabila ndio imetuweka watumwa katika nchi yetu (fear and tribalism has made us slaves in our own country). We are homeless and hungry, we are tired and cannot wait anymore.

This is not right at all, that 60 years after independence, majority have been left to languish lonely in an island of poverty in the middle of a sea of material wealth and prosperity…

Africa has never ruled herself; the black man has never been in control…our leaders are mere purges and stooges of the west.

Finally unchained but arrested.

Julius Kamau the Fearless man unbowed after arrest, continues with his speech on the police land rover – PHOTO Courtesy of Julius Owino Majimaji

Using wheel spanners, the police broke the padlock. Though resisting arrest, he was roughly drugged on the road, thrown in the land rover possibly taken to the nearest police station.

Unbowed he went on while in the land rover,

“Hiyo ni tourture, mnanifinya kwa nini!?”

This is torture, why are you mishandling me…?

Julius Kamau Fearless man roughed up, bungled in the police land rover – PHOTO Courtesy of Julius Owino Majimaji

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“You do not have any right to do that…I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid. Give me death or give me freedom, I’m ready to die for this country and for my people!” He shouted as the police drove off.  

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