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“Female Fan Sexually Assaulted Me” Frasha


frashaFrancis Amisi better known as Frasha has finally shared the reason for his shortest performance ever. He was sexually assaulted by a female fan just before the show.
According to the rapper, the female fan grabbed his private part that made him cry.
He said, “There was a show we were to do at a University in Eldoret and the students were eagerly waiting for us. When I was getting on the stage to perform a girl just grabbed my crotch and she wouldn’t let go. She squeezed me so that I nearly cried. I screamed so loud. The show had to be canceled because I could not perform. It was the shortest show I have ever done. I was in pain.”

He told us about how she met his wife and why he did hides his face during his music tours and videos, “I was in the same class in college with my wife and it took three years for her to agree to go out with me. I think God talked to her and she eventually agreed to go out with me.”
He continued,  “It was because I used to work at Aga Khan Hospital and I didn’t want my employer and clients to know it was me who was singing those songs. I did not want it to rub people the wrong way. My boss supported me but the person who I was reporting to did not get it. I had to be more professional because it was work.

I was hiding because I didn’t want people to find out who the real me was. I also had to protect the most important thing in my life, my family. I always have to distinguish who Frasha is and who Francis is. When I get home I am a father first and all what you are seeing now comes off.”