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Femi one and Azziad ignite online debate, Willy Paul in trouble..here are this week’s top trending stories

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Femi one was this week forced to respond after fans asked her to pay social media influencer Azziad Nasenya. Willy Pozee also angered fans with his driving stunt. Here are the top entertainment stories that made healines this week.

  1. Femi One and Azziad

On Monday Femi One was forced to respond after fans asked her to pay social media influencer Azziad Nasenya after she made her song go viral.

Last weekend, Femi one revealed that her song is currently at five million on streaming platform Youtube.

Femi one further added that she is set to release another fire banger after the success she saw on the viral track.

Her fans however told her that she needs to pay Azziad Nasenya since the lass’ dance moves had a huge role to play on her song’s growing popularity.

. “I hope Azziad received some sort of payment for her efforts,” said a fan

The rapper responded saying that her song was already trending when Azziad joined in the challenge arguing that she had no role in the song’s success.

“The song was already trending on Tik Tok and that is why she did the challenge because she came across it,” Femi explained.

The conversation ignited a debate on twitter with fans coming out to defend each side.

  1. Willy Paul’s Driving stunt

Controversial singer Willy Paul landed in trouble with his online critics after uploading a driving stunt video online.

In the video Pozee tries to show off his hands free driving skills as he cruises down a highway.

“I can also drive with my leg, yeah… leg over…at least naweza kupiga story nikidrive nikitumia mguu… ujuzi ambao sio kila mtu anao,” he says.

The video has earned him huge criticism by netizens who called him out for risking the lives of other drivers.

Willy Paul also goes on to criticize his nemesis Bahati who recently claimed that he used to write songs for Pozee back in the day.

“Ati you used to write songs for me back in the day….this young boy! What should I tell motto wa Diana” he added

  1. Willy Paul and Bahati


Controversial singer Willy Paul fired back at his nemesis Bahati.

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This was after Bahati shared a photo claiming he used to write songs for Willy Paul back in the day.

In his TBT post Bahati shared a photo in the company of Pozee with the allegations.

“The Days I Used to Write Songs for this Small Boy ??? I’ve Missed Our Childish Days Bro ❤️ #WillisRadido,” he said

In his comeback Willy Paul fired shots claiming that Bahati suffers from memory lapse.

“My brother Bahati naskia ulikua uniandikia songs….. mimi? Uko sure ni mimi?? Ooh lord, give mtoto wa Diana his memory back!! He’s mistaking me for Weezdom.. let me remind you Baba:.. naitwa KING POZZE. Much love… pitia home kesho kuna maji moto Na ndimu atleast itakuhelp… guys what should i do to this small boy??” said Willy Paul

  1. Julianna Kanyamozi welcomes baby boy

This week Ugandan singer and Former Tusker Project Fame (TPF) Juliana Kanyomozi revealed that she welcomed a bouncing baby boy into her family.

In a post shared on her Instagram account an excited Kanyomozi revealed that her new bundle of joy arrived on May 5th .

“IT’S A BOY!!!! Say hello to Taj 12-05-2020. We are thrilled! To God be the glory” she wrote.

The songstress welcomed baby Taj 6 years after losing her first born son Keron Raphael Kabugo at a Nairobi hospital in July 2014, after suffering an Asthma attack.

  1. Nice is now Mr. cash money

Legendary Tanzanian singer Lucas Mkenda popularly known as Mr. Nice refuted claims that he is broke.

The’Fagilia’ singer also for the first time revealed why he decided to relocate to Uganda.

In a video shared on Instagram said he moved to Uganda because he is making money there than he was making back home.

“I prefer staying where I make money. Or do you prefer I stay at home so you continue laughing at me? That is not appropriate; our President John Magufuli urges us to continue working hard and stop gossiping.

Back in 2018, the singer was allegedly left stranded in Uganda after performing at a gig.

He later confirmed the allegations that he was left stranded in Uganda after a promoter failed to pay him but says he was able to get back on his feet in no time.

“There have been rumors that I’m stuck here in Kampala. Is that really possible? True, I didn’t get a single cent after that performance, but Mr Nice is a big brand. I’ve overcome everything” he said at the time

I always walk around with money stashed in my car boot. Having cash in your wallet or bank account does not mean you have it all. Have you walked with money in your boot? I have done it all, I know my enemies will say what they want, and sometimes they can say that I’m broke but the truth is that I am living my own life.” He said

The singer further went on to taunt his critics saying he drives around with money in his car boot because his wallet is too small to carry his loot.