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Femi one responds after Fans asked her to Pay Azziad Nasenya


Femi One has been forced to respond after fans asked her to pay social media influencer Azziad Nasenya after she made her song go viral.

Over the weekend , Femi one revealed that her song is currently at five million on streaming platform Youtube.

Femi one further added that she is set to release another fire banger after the success she saw on the viral track.

Her fans however told her that she needs to pay Azziad Nasenya since the lass’ dance moves had a huge role to play on her song’s growing popularity.

. “I hope Azziad received some sort of payment for her efforts,” said a fan

The rapper responded saying that her song was already trending when Azziad joined in the challenge arguing that she had no role in the song’s success.

“The song was already trending on Tik Tok and that is why she did the challenge because she came across it,” Femi explained.