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Fifa president Gianni Infantino will meet with fellow officials this coming weekend to discuss plans to introduce improved technology to the sport.

Fifa Presidect
FIFA’s new chief Infantino left holds a football with FIFA World Football Museum director, Stefan Jost.

The new president has said that trials for video replay technology should start “sooner rather than later”.

Infantino, who was elected as the head of football’s governing body last Friday, will meet with the International FA Board on Saturday, where live trials of video technology are expected to be approved.

And while Infantino is eager to move forward with the plans, he insists every possible measure will be taken to protect the flow of the beautiful game.

“Football is a special game,” he said in an interview with Fifa. “It’s the most beautiful and most important sport in the world. We don’t have to kill football. One of the peculiarities of football is the flow of the game. It doesn’t stop like many other sports when you have to take time to stop and look at a video.

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“In football you have a flow, you have a referee who takes important decisions. So we need to see what type of impact any technological help will have on the flow. We need to start with serious tests sooner rather than later.”

Given the series of scandals that have surfaced in recent times regarding Fifa officials, Infantino has been installed as the body’s new president with a mandate to improve transparency, and the new supremo claims his outlook is more like that of a football fan rather than a politician.

“I am a football fan as well,” he added. “I am like them. I am a supporter. I know what it means to travel miles and miles by plane or train to follow your team.

“We have to involve the fans, listen to them and what they say. Football without fans is nothing. We need the players, we need the fans. These two elements have been neglected for too long.”