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  • 15 anti-finance bill 2023 arrested during demos at Nairobi CBD.
  • They say the bill will have a negative impact on normal Mwananchi.

Fifteen  protesters   have been arrested following protest against Finance Bill 2023 in Nairobi Central Business District.

The demonstrators converged in the morning at Jevanjee gardens before staging the parade towards parliament.

The police fired teargas to dispersed them before arresting fifteen people.

According to activists the Bill contravenes peoples’ rights and they shall not relent on their push to have it revised.

They say the bill will have a negative impact on normal mwananchi who is already on the floor  economically.

Watatuchapa teargas Kila siku lakini hatutanyamaza lazima hii bill ianguke…tumechoka na hii serikali,they should understand that the sovereign power belongs to the people and it’s really embarrassing that they are even trying to intimidate our MPs to pass the bill.If the Mps goes ahead and pass it the way it is then we shall continue meeting in streets daily .

Kevin Malo,Mathare sub-county.

Finance Bill 2023 moves to the Second Reading stage of the law-making process, the focus of Kenyans will be on whether some of the key contentious proposals will be amended, before the bill is passed into law.

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“The proposals in the Bill are significant and may have an impact on the businesses of several taxpayers. It appears that the National Treasury is continuing to pursue a policy of revenue mobilisation by increasing tax rates, expansion of tax base and real time collection of .The introduction of additional deductions from employee emoluments will further reduce the take home pay of employees. This proposal will also overburden employers with increased cost of employment and may lead to loss of current employment or potential employment opportunities ,” says PWC in its analysis of the bill.

By Allan Otieno

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